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Monday, April 27

10:30am PDT

A1 The Power of Extreme Writing (Grades 4-9) NK Room 103 A10 Moccasin Walk (K-12) NK room 200-Drama A11 Pun-ny for Your Thoughts (Secondary) NK Room 209 A12 Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum (Elementary) NK Room 110 A13 Accelerating the Progress of Students in Reading/Writing (Elementary and Middle) (**repeated in D12) NK Room 206 A14 We Can Bead- exploring math through patterns (Elementary) NK Room 118 A15 Appreciation at Work (K-12) NK Room 201 A16 PE is Fun! Minor Games for All Ages and Spaces (K-12) NK Gym A17 Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul- Tips and tools to help you make your relationship with food a positive one. (K-12) NK Room 120 A18 Reframing Behaviour (Elementary) NK Room 213 A19 Developing a Primary Nature Program (Primary) NK Room 210 A2 Cooperation and Teamwork Through World Music and Movement (K-12) NK room 309 A20 Embodying Peace (K-12) NK Room 123 A21 Gladys We Never Knew- Cross Curricular Lesson Modules for Secondary Schools (Secondary) NK Room 205 A22 T.E.C. in the Classroom- Traditional Secwepemc Knowledge and Exploring the Connection to the Land Through Carving Cottonwood Dugout Canoes (K-12) NK Room 102 A23 Inclusive Teaching Strategies to Support ELLs (Elementary) NK Room 104 A24 The 'Art' of Critical Inquiry (Focus on The Arts) (K-12) NK Room 202 A25 Framing Critical Inquiry Questions (K-12) NK Room 204 A26 Making the Past Come Alive: Engaging Students in Historical Thinking (K-12) NK Room 211 A27 Curated Display of Picture Books Supporting the Core Competencies (K - 9) Library A28 Social Studies LSA (Secondary) NK Room 214 A29 STI Prevention and Sexuality (Secondary) NK Room 129 A3 Differentiating the BC Digital Classroom (Intermediate Focus) NK Room 134 A30 Discovering Aboriginal Culture Through Dance (**repeat of D22) (K-12) NK Room 130 A31 Locally Reviewed Novels (K-12) Library A32 How to Start Bringing Agriculture Into Your Classroom (K-12) NK Room 128 A33 Supporting Literacy- Technology and Exemplary Practice (K-12) H.G.E.C. Room 9 A4 3 Artsy Math Lessons Which Never Fail (Grades 4–10) NK Room 135 A5 A Cross-Curricular Approach to Inclusive Education (Elementary) NK Room 208 A6 Fostering Resiliency with Indigenous Students (K-12) NK Room 207 A7 Screenagers: Growing Up In the Digital Age (**repeated in Session D5) (K-12) H.G.E.C. Room 1 A/B A8 Crafting Safe Spaces for Authentic Connection room 119 A9 Thistle Prickle Your Fancy!- Invasive Plants in the Classroom (**repeated in D7) (K-12) NK Room 111 E1 Infusing Aboriginal Content (K – 9 Focus) NK Room 115 E2 Mix It Up, Art! (Elementary) NK Room 108- Art E3 Secondary Careers LSA Meeting (Secondary) NK Room 122 E4 Build a Wewtsk (K-12) NK Room 105 E5 Plants, Knowledge, You & Your Classroom (K-12) NK Room 107 E6 Say Your Name: Reclaiming Cultural Identity After Residential School (Grade 4 +) NK Room 101 E7 Creative Relief From Overwhelm; Discover the Path to Your Intuitive Artist. (K-12) B.E.S.T. Room 7 E8 Teaching and Assessing Competencies (K-12) NK Room 212

1:00pm PDT

B1 Differentiating the BC Digital Classroom (Primary Focus) NK Room 134 B10 The Culture of Teaching (**repeated in C10) (K-12) NK Room 203 B11 The Ballantyne Project- We See You (Middle and Secondary) (** repeated in C11) NK Room 135 B12 Chilcotin War Unit Plan (Secondary) (**repeated in C11) B.E.S.T. Room 4 B2 If You Can’t Fail, You Can’t Succeed: How to Practice Risk (K-12) NK Room 119 B3 Rap Battle Strategy (Secondary) NK Room 209 B4 Move Their Bodies, Move Their Minds (K-12) NK Room 120 B5 Linking Indigenous Ways of Knowing With Critical Inquiry (** repeated in C6) (K-12) NK Room 202 B6 Local Traditional Plants and Medicinal Uses (K-12) NK Room 104 B7 Secwepemc History, Language and Land ‘Connectedness’ (**repeated in C8) (K-12) Library B8 La Pensee Critique Chez de Jeunes Eleves au Primaire (Primary) NK Room 204 B9 Social Media Ethics, Digital Literacy and New Media (Secondary) NK Room 214 D 26 Discovery Education for Personalized Learning (K-12) B.E.S.T. computer lab D1 Guys Write! 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Capture Your Reluctant Boy Writers (and Your Girls Too) (K-12) NK Room 103 D10 Digital and Scientific Literacy (Secondary) NK Room 110 D11 Coast Salish Weaving- Through a Math Lens (Elementary) NK Room 118 D12 Accelerating the Progress of Students in Reading/Writing (Elementary and Middle) (**repeat of A13) NK Room 206 D13 Reggio Inspired Practice: Story Workshop, Loose Parts and Physical Environment (Elementary) NK Room 210 D14 "Taking the Lead" using Emotional Intelligence (K-12) NK Room 201 D15 Growth Mindset and Inclusion (Elementary) NK Room 213 D16 BC Blanket Exercise: Exploring Historical Relationships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples (K-12) NK Room 126 D17 Gladys: The Life of a Child in a BC Residential School. The Short Life and Tragic Death of a BC Residential School Student (Elementary and Middle school) NK Room 205 D18 Aboriginal and Inuit Games (Grades 4-12) B.E.S.T. Gym D19 The Bees Knees and the Bees’ Needs (Grades 4-7) B.E.S.T Room 8 D2 The BC Digital Classroom- District Education Staff/Teacher-Librarian Focus (K-12) NK Room 106 D20 Sexual Health Education (Grades 4-7) NK Room 129 D21 Supporting Students in Effective Research and Inquiry (K-12) H.G.E.C. Room 6 D22 Discovering Aboriginal Culture Through Dance (**repeat of A30) (K-12) NK Room 130 D23 Ice Hockey for Teachers (Seconday) Valleyview Arena D24 Infuser Contenu et Perspectives Autochtones Dans Votre Enseignement (K-12) NK Room 128 D25 Digital Tools to Support Executive Functioning (K-12) H.G.E.C. Room 9 D27 Our Collection, Your Classroom (K-12) Kamloops Museum D3 Surfacing Stories: Transforming the Ordinary to the Extraordinary (Elementary) NK Room 208 D4 Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation (K-12) NK Room 207 D5 Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age (**repeat of A7) (K-12) H.G.E.C. Room 1 A/B D6 Teaching Archaeology: the Secwepemc World From the Ice Age to Now (K-12) NK Room 102 D7 Thistle Prickle Your Fancy! (Elementary) (**repeat of A9) NK Room 111 D8 Truth Before Reconciliation: Inviting Students to Think Historically About Canadian History (K-12) NK Room 211 D9 Pickleball Skills (K-12) NK Gym

2:00pm PDT